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 JKBOSE 12th Class syllabus 2023–2024: the syllabus for JK board Class 12 2023–2024 is released by the Jammu and Kashmir Board. The most recent JKBOSE 12th class syllabus 2023–24 is available on the official website,, according to the board. The JKBOSE 12th Syllabus 2023–24 is provided by the Jammu & Kashmir Board for the public exams. For improved test preparation, students may review the JKBOSE Board class 12 syllabus 2024.


Check the JKBOSE 12th Class Syllabus 2023–2024. The JKBOSE syllabus in PDF

The syllabus for the 12th grade in JKBOSE 2024 includes a marking scheme along with significant themes. Understanding the JK Board's marking scheme is crucial for determining priorities and developing a plan of preparation. The JKBOSE 12th syllabus 2023–24 PDF might assist in creating a productive timetable that ensures all topics are covered on time. Revision time should be allotted in the schedule. March and April of 2024 will see the JKBOSE class 12 exam.


They can review the science, home science, humanities, and commerce JKBOSE 12th syllabus in the article. Using the above link, download the entire JKBOSE 12th syllabus 2023–24 in PDF format. To get good marks, they should also complete the JKBOSE 12th question paper 2024. Check out the post for the JKBOSE 12th class syllabus pdf 2024's key chapters and marking structure

JK Board 12th Class syllabus pdf  2023–2024 download

The entire JKBOSE syllabus for the 12th grade in 2023–2024 is provided below, along with the distribution of marks. In order to better prepare for the JKBOSE 12th exams, students can use the material provided below to gain an understanding of the topics' importance and marks.


JKBOSE Class 12 English Syllabus 2023-24

The English subject consists of two books: Flamingo and Vistas. The chapters of both books are tabulated below:


  • The Last Lesson
  • The Interview (Part I & II)
  • Lost Spring
  • My Mother at Sixty-six
  • Deep Water
  • Keeping Quiet
  • The Rat trap
  • A Thing of Beauty
  • Indigo
  • A Roadside Stand
  • Poets and Pancakes
  • Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers
  • Going Places


  • The Third Level
  • The Enemy
  • The Tiger King
  • On the Face of It
  • Journey to The End of the Earth
  • Memories of Childhood (The Cutting of My Long Hair & We Too Are Human Beings)
  • JKBOSE 12th English Marking Scheme

Section A: Reading Comprehension – 20 Marks

Section B: Writing Skills And Grammar – 30 Marks

Section C: Literature – 30 Marks

Internal Assessment – 20 Marks

JKBOSE 12th Class Syllabus 2023-24 of Economic

In Economics, Consumer Equilibrium, and National Income are very important and must be on priority. Hence, students should cover these topics of JKBOSE Class 12th syllabus on a priority basis-

Part A: Introductory Microeconomics

  • Introduction 4 MARKS 
  • Consumer’s Equilibrium and Demand  14 MARKS
  • Producer Behaviour and Supply  14 MARKS
  • Forms of Market and Price Determination under Perfect competition with simple applications  8 MARKS 

Part B: Introductory Macroeconomics

  • National Income and Related Aggregates 10 MARKS 
  • Money and Banking 06 MARKS 
  • Aggregate Demand & Aggregate Supply 12 MARKS 
  • Government Budget and the Economy 06 MARKS 
  • Balance of Payments & International Institutions 06 MARKS 

Part C: Project work 20 MARKS

JKBOSE 12th Class Syllabus 2023-24 of Political Science

  • Disintegration of the ‘’Second World ‘’ and the Collapse of Bipolarity. 06 MARKS
  • Alternative Centres of Economic and Political Power. 06 MARKS 
  • South Asia in the Post – Cold War Era.  06 MARKS 
  • International Organizations in a Unipolar World. 06 MARKS 
  • Security ithe n Contemporary World. 06 MARKS 
  • Globalisation and its Critics.  04 MARKS 
  • Environmental and Natural Resources in Global Politics 06 MARKS 
  • Nation–Building and Its Problems 06 MARKS
  • Era of One – Party Dominance 04 MARKS 
  • Politics of Planned Development 02 MARKS
  • India’s External Relations. 06 MARKS
  • Challenge to and Restoration of Congress System 05 MARKS 
  • Crisis of the Constitutional Order 04 MARKS 
  • Regional Aspirations and Conflicts 06 MARKS 
  • Recent Developments in Indian Politics 07 MARKS 

Project Work  20 MARKS

JKBOSE 12th Class Syllabus 2023-24 of Math

  • Relations And Functions – 08 Marks
  • Algebra Marks – 10 Marks
  • Calculus – 35 Marks
  • Vectors And Three–Dimensional Geometry – 14 Marks
  • Linear Programming – 05 Marks
  • Probability – 08 Marks

Internal Assessment – 20 Marks

JKBOSE 12th Class Syllabus 2023-24 of Physics

  • Unit I: Electrostatics – Electric Charges and Fields, Electrostatic Potential and Capacitance 09 MARKS 
  • Unit II: Current Electricity – Current Electricity  07 MARKS 
  • Unit III: Magnetic Effects of Current and Magnetism – Moving Charges and Magnetism, Magnetism and Matter  09 MARKS  
  • Unit IV: Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Currents – Electromagnetic Induction, Alternating Current  09 MARKS 
  • Unit V: Electromagnetic waves – Electromagnetic Waves 03 MARKS 
  • Unit VI: Optics – Ray Optics and Optical Instruments, Wave Optics  14 MARKS 
  • Unit VII: Dual Nature of Radiation and Matter – Dual Nature of Radiation and Matter 04 MARKS 
  • Unit VIII: Atoms and Nuclei – Atoms, Nuclei 08 MARKS 
  • Unit IX: Electronic Devices – Semiconductor Electronics 07 MARKS 


JKBOSE 12th Class Syllabus 2023-24 of Chemistry

  • Unit-I: Solutions  07 MARKS 
  • Unit-ii: Electrochemistry 09 MARKS 
  • Unit-iii: Chemical Kinetics 07 MARKS
  • Unit-iv: D And F-Block Elements  07 MARKS
  • Unit- V: Co-Ordination Compounds  07 MARKS 
  • Unit-Vi: Haloalkanes And Haloarenes  06 MARKS 
  • Unit- Vii: Alcohols, Phenols And Ethers  06  MARKS 
  • Unit-Viii: Aldehydes, Ketones And Carboxylic Acids 08  MARKS 
  • Unit-IX: Organic Compounds Containing Nitrogen 06 MARKS 
  • Unit-X: Biomolecules   07 MARKS 


JKBOSE 12th Class Syllabus 2023-24 of Business Studies

Part A: Principles and Functions of Management

  • Unit I: Nature and Significance of Management 07 MARKS 
  • Unit II: Principles of Management  06 MARKS 
  • Unit III: Business Environment 03 MARKS 
  • Unit IV: Planning  07 MARKS 
  • Unit V: Organising 07 MARKS 
  • Unit VI: Staffing Marks 08 MARKS 
  • Unit VII: Directing 08 MARKS 
  • Unit VIII: Controlling  04 MARKS 

Part B: Business Finance & Marketing

  • Unit IX: Business Finance  10 MARKS 
  • Unit X: Marketing Management  14 MARKS
  • Unit XI: Consumer Protection 06 MARKS 

Project Work 20 MARKS

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